I have always loved spending time outside and have had a passion for collecting old things since my childhood. When our daughter was born, as a family we wanted to do something special for her first birthday, to give her something she would treasure and keep forever. We wanted to be able to add to it over the years, for it to grow with her and be fun all year round.

As I was growing up my dad built us a tree house (mostly to keep us out of trouble while my parents renovated a house!). I always remember that tree house and especially the beautiful window. With that in mind, we decided to create a playhouse for Rose.

We wanted to furnish it with things that would reflect our family and life, including some small-scale furniture of her own just like that in our home. Things had to be useable and safe but also beautiful and educational – and not too precious to use.

The playhouse was something for us to enjoy with her too. As a family we love architecture as well as collecting interesting things and the journey and stories that go with finding them along the way. We wanted our daughter to have a place to which she could add new treasures over the years. We will never be stuck for birthday or gift ideas again.


The reaction to our playhouses has been overwhelming, so much so that we have been asked to recreate the same for others. The idea for Wallgarden grew from there. We create magical environments for other families to enjoy, create memories, and be heirlooms that will last and be treasured beyond this generation.

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