Your garden is most likely your child's introduction to nature, wildlife and being outdoors. When we design our playhouses, the surroundings are as important as the playhouse itself. We create children's gardens and outside spaces to enable families to enjoy being outside all year round. We want children to grow to love their garden too.

Working with multi-award winning designer, Chelsea Gold medallist and landscape architect Sarah Eberle, we will design a garden for your family.

'Gardens are important to children because they are their first engagement with nature, which can lead to an understanding and empathy for the environment.'


Sarah Eberle

View Sarah's work here

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Our garden design elements can include:

  • Walled gardens, mazes, hidden play areas and little doorways to define your children's space

  • Water features, such as a bubbling brook with stepping stones

  • Scented lawns, family trees, flowering dens and living structures

  • Bespoke children's garden furniture

  • Outdoor cooking areas and kitchen gardens that offer visual appeal as much as inspiration and edible returns

  • Wild flower areas to attract wildlife, and crops to forage

Sarah's work with Wallgarden is a collaboration of our great passions and shared belief that gardens should be relevant, beautiful and useable places, which inspire a lifelong interest for all the family.

Like our playhouses, your garden design will be personal to you, with plants, scents and features chosen to represent your family, reflecting your memories and favourite things. Everything is designed to work within your environment. Our gardens are reminiscent of the gardens of our childhood but with today's family needs in mind.

You will find some of our garden products in our online store. We offer advice on planting and sourcing, as well as finding beautiful old items for you. We are also able to offer a choice of hard landscaping materials. 

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